WhatsApp New Notification Feature

WhatsApp new notifications feature

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messenger application. Now a day as WhatsApp  provides a lot of functionalities like Chatting, Image, Audio, Video, and Location and Contacts sharing. Apart from that it also provides many more features like Groups, Broadcasting and etc.

One of the main reason of it too much popularity of WhatsApp is that it is available on the almost all the major platforms of the major mobile operating systems. Like: Android, IOS, Windows, and BlackBerry etc.

Another thing is that it is updated too often for almost all the platforms so here I am going to share a new latest update by WhatsApp in the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.228. WhatsApp 2.12.228 is currently not available on Google Play as it’s not currently rolled out. You need to download it from the official website of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Version
WhatsApp Version

New Feature of WhatsApp:

A new feature added in the latest Notifications in which you can configure settings according to your needs.

WhatsApp New Notification
WhatsApp New Notification

What’s New in notifications :

In the latest notification customization feature now you will able to set a custom notification setting for each of your WhatsApp contact. Like if you want to set a specific notification tone for someone’s message or you want to set a ringtone for someone’s call notification than you can do it by this new recently integrated feature of the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Notification Settings
WhatsApp New Notification Settings

What’s best in this new feature:

In this feature one thing which I liked on the bases of my personal uses is that you can mute the notification for any contact also. Like: Someone is annoying you continuously and you don’t want to get irritate or you are busy in a work than this is the best thing they created. I just need to mute that particular person so I will not receive notifications for that particular contact, this is as same as WhatsApp’s previously introduced mute feature of groups.

Changing WhatsApp New Notification Settings
Changing WhatsApp New Notification Settings

So this is one of the best solution for the most annoying persons of your life who literally harass you. Now no need to block or silent your phone for them.

So start enjoying this new WhatsApp feature by downloading the apk from the following link.

Download Latest Whatsapp

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